Dr. Vera Boulleys | 1986 Dr. Vera Boulleys | 2021

My memories in the University Siegen began with the International Office where I was enrolled as a student in 1982 and did a German language course. My first contact with a German family was through the SMD, Student Mission Deutschland, where I came into contact with a lovely lady and her family with whom I am still in contact, I was able to meet her later in one of my research trips to Siegen in 2018 and we renewed our contact again.

I also remember that I, along with my husband, who was also enrolled in Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and many close friends of mine were among the founding members of the African Students‘ Union in 1984, and I was the only female african student in it at the time. Our drama piece „Baobab“ became very popular during that period. We all have been in close contact with each other to this day, 2022.

I remember that I was not the only black african female student in the African Student’s Union, but also one of the only ones during that period on the university campus, when I was enrolled in the Department of History since I had a BA Degree in History. I changed later to German studies, and I was informed by the then secretary that I was the first black african female or student to study German at the University of Siegen.

I am still in touch with so many of the kind people I got to know while I was in Siegen, including many lecturers, like Prof. Kreuzer, Prof. Augst, Prof. Glück and Prof. Knobloch, students, technical personnel, and those engaged in extra-curricular activities who helped me to overcome different challenges while I was here, including those with language. They contributed greatly to my academic success at the University of Siegen. I fondly remember places like Kreis Krankenhaus Weidenau, where our three children were born), Waldorf and Jung Stilling Kindergarten, Freie Christliche Schule, where my first child attended primary school.

Prof. Dr. Vera Boulleys absolvierte an der Universität-GH Siegen ein Studium der Germanistik und Sprachwissenschaft, mit anschließender Promotion im Jahr 1995. Sie ist heute am Grace Bilingual Educational Complex (G-BEC) in Douala in ihrem Heimatland, Kamerun, tätig.