Dr. Pamela Dube | 1994

This was a very special memory of the University, the city and the region promoting internationalization and intercultural exchange! Through my PhD supervisor, Prof Thomsen, the office of the then Rector Dr Walenta and the then City Mayoress, Hilde Fiedler, as well as the then South African Ambassador to Germany, Lindiwe Mabuza, we facilitated a week long of events at the University and the city of Siegen! From artists (art exhibitions at Sparkasse-Siegen and live music performance at Uni- Mensa!) cultural goods, artefacts and garments (displayed and sold at Karstadt!), food and wine (consumed at a special gala dinner at the Uni-Mensa!) lecture series at venues on campus, to a closing fashion show at the Aula, the week was indeed a feast for all the senses!

Prof. Dr. Pamela Dube studierte an der Universität-GH Siegen von 1990 an das Fach Anglistik, mit anschließender Promotion im Jahr 1996. Sie ist stellvertretende Vizekanzlerin für studentische Entwicklung und Support an der University of the Western Cape, South Africa.