Dilip Kumar Reddy Kumbham | 2006

I was delighted when I secured admission to M.S. Mechatronics. I was surprised and very excited with the Uni Siegen Hilltop location, especially the Library and view from the Mensa. I was grateful for My seniors from the first batch of Mechatronics Mr. Noor and Mr. Prasad who made us feel like home providing all the help needed along with ASTA. When we take the Uni bus from Siegen or Weidenau No 111 or others, we know that all the passengers are mostly students. It made a good memory in my mind and a special feeling observing all the students from Germany and other International students while carrying books or backpacks. I was surprised with EASTPACK’s popularity in students‘ backpacks; it was like 7 in 10.

Most of our classes used to happen in Hölderlin Campus. Walking on the trails behind the Electric department [Red building] and reaching the Mensa [Blue building] for lunch with classmates was soon our routine. I made some very good friends from other countries as well Mr. Suranjan Tarafdar from Bangladesh we used to discuss politics and the Nobel Prize belongs to poet Rabindranath Tagore to be considered as Bangladesh or Indian. I guess I don’t have an answer for it now either.

Coming to lectures my interest subject was Power electronics from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas, very strict and punctual. I was also introduced to the open book exam for the first time in my life. It changed my thinking about exams. My mini project and Master Thesis both completed in University under the guidance of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubert Roth and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert. The experience of doing projects along with other research graduates made me feel like I was in a top class University with new technologies like virtual labs and autonomous driving. After successfully completing the Masters I returned to India, and started working as a faculty member in University colleges, But after attending the Uni Alumni summer school on sustainability I changed my interest to Environmental studies, and started a career in promoting cycling. Currently I am working in an Idea lab startup, evaluating new ideas and their business analysis.

Dilip Kumar Reddy Kumbham studierte Mechatronics von 2003 bis 2006 an der Universität Siegen. Heute ist er als Business Consultant and Analyst in Kofuku Idea Labs, ein Start-up in Hyderabad, in seinem Heimatland Indien, tätig.